Chaussons FR
3 May 2024
Série Respect Bleau! Respect the rock for a flawless climbing

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4th discussion between Hugo Parmentier and Gaétane Potard-Hay on good climbing practice in the Fontainebleau forest. This time, they discuss everything to do with respecting the rock, from sandstone to the importance of having super-clean feet, without a single grain of sand when climbing, and then discuss the importance of cleaning the chalk. With clean shoes and brushed chalk, the rock is respected and the climbing is impeccable.

For the shoes, you can always take along an old torn T-shirt, a tea towel or a doormat (like the ones we get every year at the bricomarché in Milly-la-forêt).

To clean the chalk, first use sparingly, then brush with soft brushes (IBBZ, Ropeless, YY) and if no one is likely to come after you, don’t hesitate to do a little cleaning. Also take part in our cleaning days and those of Fanatic Climbing.

Nos premiers sponsors sont @ville_de_milly_la_foret @lucaneagile @auvieuxcampeur @scarpafrance @lif_ffme @pays_de_fontainebleau_agglo @respectbleau #cosiroc, et il est encore temps de rejoindre l’aventure. 

Réalisation: @raphaelfourau – Identité visuelle: @elo_poillot