The initiative Oh my bloc!

Oh My Bloc is a bouldering festival aiming to inform and educate climbers who are as passionate as we are about climbing in an environmentally-friendly way. We’re delighted that the passion for bouldering is contagious, and in a magical forest, we have to adapt our gym routines to a shared and fragile natural environment.


There will be climbing in a natural environment, of course, with adult and children’s competitions and introductory courses. There will also be a magnificent final on our new bouldering wall. And there will be several round tables (environment and climbing, training versus well-being, training in the bouldering industry), documentary resources, a photo exhibition, a video competition, an exhibitors’ village, hold carving… and plenty to eat, drink and party about.

Support our initiative ?

If you’d like to join the adventure, you can volunteer for the festival, set up a stand in the village, contribute to the prizes for the competitors, and also sponsor the festival and the Oh My Bloc initiative and become part of a sustainable approach to nature sports.

21 April 2024
Série Respect Bleau! At night, a little respite
bivouac, van, fontaineblea, font, bleau, boulder, night
21 April 2024
Série Respect Bleau! Fire burns
bivouac, van, fontaineblea, font, bleau, boulder
24 March 2024
The launch of Respect Bleau video serie
  In 48 hours’ time, many of you will be packing their climbing shoes, tape and topos for a trip...
25 February 2024
Why bouldering in Coquibus – Fontainebleau is a bad idea!
Everything explain in this video. Coquibus is an area to be “spared” from any tourist/nature sports development, according to the management...