OMB Film Teaser
24 March 2024
The launch of Respect Bleau video serie


In 48 hours’ time, many of you will be packing their climbing shoes, tape and topos for a trip to Bleau – yes, the weather is starting to warm up.
But on Sunday 24 March 2024, at 7pm, it will be time for the release of the Respect Bleau video series launched by Oh My Bloc, to spread good environmental practices to as many climbers as possible.
In this first episode, project ambassador @hugoparmentier talks to @gaetane_esca about the end of bivouacs and the closure of car parks in the forest. Don’t miss this first episode and pass it on because the forest of Fontainebleau is magical and fragile and it depends on all of us that this place is better understood and respected. Don’t let go of #ohmyblocrespect. “So that one more climber is not one too many”.

Our first sponsors are @ville_de_milly_la_foret @lucaneagile @auvieuxcampeur @scarpafrance @lif_ffme @pays_de_fontainebleau_agglo , you can still join!

Réalisation: @raphaelfourau – Identité visuelle: @elo_poillot

🌳 Respect Bleau, get respect
🪨 Oh My Bloc
👟Clean your shoes
🪥 Gently brush all chalk marks
💦 No climbing on wet rock
⚒️ No chipping
🌛 No climbing after dark
📻 No speakers (music)
🌼 Stay on existing paths
🐶 Keep dogs under control
🔥 No fire or flamme
⛺ No camping or bivouac
🙋 Be considerate of others
🗑️ Pick up trash
🧻 Zero waste